Our journey

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What It Took Us To Get Here

Our eco-friendly journey and fascination with laboratory grown diamonds, started 8 years ago. Like our peers, we too were in the mined diamond business, and it was then, that we were introduced to small sized HPHT laboratory grown rough. As an experiment, we bought some and had it cut to get melee goods. When we saw the polished products, we were amazed with the results. We understood immediately, that we were holding the future of diamonds in the palm of our hands; the industry's as well as ours.

We have decades of combined experiences, expertise, guidance, dynamic and highly driven young teams – all this, collectively helps us to build a robust and reliable organisation.

Our ingenuity, ethical collaborations and transparency have now made Avant a name to reckon with. Our clients include top jewellery brands, retailers, jewellery manufacturers and diamond dealers. Our skilled teams who are based in Mumbai & Surat, work closely with a plethora of global clients to fulfil their diverse requirements.