our operations


Early relationships forged with the top HPHT and CVD growers globally, have allowed us a consistent supply of diverse varieties of laboratory grown rough diamonds. Our market intelligence and transparent communication with growers have ensured us a continuing, hassle-free and steady supply.



At Avant, we have a skilled and motivated workforce, working with the highest technological standards, having stringent quality control processes and complete deliveries within deadlines allocated. We cut and polish, round melees of less than 0.01ct - 5ct+sizes. Our factories are equipped to cut ‘Hearts and Arrows’ and GIA ‘Triple Ex’ across sizes.

Clients’ demands and our focus on fancies, have led us to open a separate and dedicated factory that can handle both square and round-edged fancies. We cut and polish several cuts like princess, emerald, oval, pear and marquise in 0.10ct - 2ct+ sizes. Controlled manufacturing allows us to offer precise, calibrated layouts to the market.

Our R&D team has developed a library of special cuts that we make available to our discerning clients. We understand our clients’ visions and have the expertise to develop unique cuts on a mass scale production.


Our transparent communication approach with our clients builds trust and adds value to their interactions with us. We encourage partner and client collaborations, and additionally offer a host of services such as, bagging and fluting, custom assortments, calibrated layouts etc. To further simplify processes for our clients, we collaborate with some of the best factories to aid us in jewellery manufacturing.

While manufacturing is the core of our business, we acknowledge the importance of the polished diamonds market, and are open to buying a gamut of polished diamonds across our product lines if needed. This allows for our even pricing and adequate supplies, which are calibrated to ever-changing market scenarios.